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Modern Luxury DC Searched Out the Best in the City. Here’s What Happened.

Modern Luxury DC Searched Out the Best in the City. Here’s What Happened.

August 31, 2023

It’s no secret that the Capitol Region has its share of qualified financial professionals—1,412 to be exact. But how do you know for sure which are the best? That’s where Modern Luxury DC magazine has done the work for you. 

The premier magazine honored Thomas R. Seneca, Partner of T.M. Wealth Management, as a “D.C. Power Player,” while the firm also secured the coveted “Best Of” title in the “Best Estate Planning” domain. 

This recognition spotlights Seneca’s impactful role and marks a significant moment for both him and the firm. 

“As a firm, we bring institutional quality advice to all of our clients. We are committed to the DC area, and are honored to be recognized as one of the area’s Power Players,” said Seneca on being named a “D.C Power Player.” 

Modern Luxury DC noted that Seneca’s entire career has been dedicated to the study and implementation of the principles of finance, saying “[Seneca] and his team work closely with clients, taking into account market performance, taxes, estate planning, inflation and much more to deliver a financial road map.”

At T.M. Wealth Management, advice is guided by three fundamental principles: Independent, Boutique, and Fiduciary. This means they develop and customize advice for each client—all while operating at the highest levels of integrity with an obligation to what is in the best interests of each client.

The truth is, there’s one thing about the firm that really attracted Modern Luxury’s attention: their unique philosophy. Most large financial institutions focus on more clients and more accounts to drive revenue. But Seneca and his team value quality over quantity, meaning they aim to make their clients 1 of 100—instead of 1 of 1,000. 

So, Seneca and his team are honored to share the spotlight while doing what they love: servicing their clients. 

If you’re looking to learn more about what makes a DC “Power Player” and earns a “Best Of” in Estate Planning, read Modern Luxury DC’s full features on Thomas R. Seneca and T.M. Wealth Management.