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T. M. Wealth Management was started to meet the unique needs of successful executives, business owners and doctors.  We understand that becoming a trusted advisor starts with trust.  Our first step in gaining the trust of our clients is how we are structured. 

Independent.  At T.M. Wealth Management we work for our clients.  There is no home office, product manager, or bank executives telling us what products we have to offer or use. 

Boutique.  Most financial advisory practices require 1,000's of client relationships to be sustainable.  At T.M. Wealth Management each wealth manager has a maximum of 100 client relationships.  This means more personalized service and strategies. 

Fiduciary.  Structured as a hybrid practice we function as investment advisor representatives with Girard Securities Inc. under the Securities and Exchange Commissions fiduciary standard.  This creates a legal standard in which we do what is in our clients best interest. 

Through our structure we remove many of the traditional barriers and conflicts of interest to create a more trusting relationship with our clients.