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Retirement Redefined

Retirement has changed.

Retirement has changed.

Are you ready for the road ahead?

A generation or two ago, you stopped working at age 65 and received a guaranteed monthly pension for the rest of your life. Times were simpler. If you had $1M, you were considered rich. Not anymore.

Our typical client has between $1M-$5M. While that is above average, it no longer provides the financial security that it used to. Here are some of the issues you need to address in order to enjoy a successful retirement:

  • How to manage your portfolio to produce a lifetime income.
  • Long term care planning.
  • Tax planning and estate planning.
  • Which accounts do you draw from first?
  • What is the best social security strategy for you?
  • How to minimize or avoid costly mistakes?
  • How to maintain a sense of purpose.
Client Centered

At TM Wealth Management we use a systematic approach to help you make the transition from working to the next phase of life. It looks at your unique needs, dreams, resources, lifestyle and more. We have the experience, systems, and checklists in place to help you avoid costly mistakes and get things right the first time.

Client Centered

We can create for you a personal plan that answers all the issues above and more. It will outline what you should do from now until your last day at work and beyond. Wouldn’t that be nice to know?

Whether you want to create a new  plan or get a second opinion on an existing plan, we suggest that you reach out to our office for a complimentary conversation. Contact information is below.

Thank you!