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When it comes to your finances, going at it alone can sometimes be intimidating as you try to come up with a game plan. But if you want professional help, make sure you’re consulting the right expert for your needs. How does a financial advisor, for example, differ from a wealth advisor? Wealth managers are a specialized kind of financial advisor who work with a specific clientele: those with a high net worth.

Our wealth advisors work closely with our clients to offer a variety of services, rolled into one comprehensive, advisory package. Services include investment management, financial planning, tax services, retirement planning, legal planning, philanthropic planning and estate planning, among others. Through our financial planning process we can asses your needs and determine the exact servcies and advice you need.  These can include the following:

Retirement Planning

Knowing how to plan for your retirement requires an objective understanding of what is important to you. Planning not only takes personal effort, but discipline and a basic understanding of investing. We will guide you through preparation, transition and asset management details.

Estate Planning

Our team of professionals works alongside knowledgeable estate planning attorneys to help advise you on how to efficiently reduce estate and income taxes, probate fees, and associated legal expenses.

Tax Planning

Our tax planning goal is simple, our advisors look for ways to keep more of your money in your pockets and out of the pockets of the IRS. Given the complexity of the tax code, our consultants can often be a valuable asset in creating a comprehensive tax plan.

A wealth advisor is one kind of financial advisor who typically works with high-net-worth individuals. The services of a wealth manager are very hands-on and comprehensive, so that a client can work with just one advisor for all of his or her financial needs.

Business Planning

We look for ways to help your business prosper. We help to establish or manage existing company retirement plans such as 401(k) accounts, SEPs, IRAs, Simple IRAs, etc. Reducing taxes is also a critical part of the owner's planning process.

Asset Management

From life insurance to long-term care, to stocks and bonds, to real estate and private equity, we will address and review any current holdings and recommend any changes, as well as potential alternatives that may better suit your needs. 

401(k) Management

By understanding your employee benefits, we'll help you to maximize the opportunities available to you from now until retirement. Our team will review and evaluate any items of concern from analyzing stock options to rolling over your IRA, to help make sure that you are maximizing your benefits.