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Your Financial Road Map for Living Life on Purpose

Your Financial Road Map for Living Life on Purpose

April 24, 2023

Managing personal finances can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a clear plan. And, sadly, that’s the case for too many Americans. Numerous studies state that less than 30% of Americans have a financial plan. For the remaining 70%-plus without a road map that clearly lays out where they’re aiming to go, it’s easy to get lost, make mistakes, and miss opportunities to realize their financial goals. 

That’s where T.M. Wealth Management comes in. With our Financial Road Map Experience, we meet with clients to create a high-level view of their financial future, emotional drivers, goals, and current financial position. 

Best of all? We offer this meeting for free. We could charge for it, but we know how important it is for people to have a strategic financial plan, and this is our way of giving back to our community. Let’s discuss more details about how our Financial Road Map works and how it can help you.

What Is the Financial Road Map Experience?

The Financial Road Map Experience is a 45-minute meeting that offers a more strategic approach to financial planning. The purpose of the meeting is to help you gain clarity about the impact you want your money to have on the people and causes you care about most. We then help you set goals in alignment with your values, so you have a more compelling vision of your future. Without that clear vision, it’s easy to lose focus of what’s really important and get sidetracked on nonessentials.

Finally, we benchmark your current financial reality so you have a clear understanding of where you are now and what steps you need to take to move toward your desired future. With our collaborative process, our Financial Road Map Experience is designed to give you a shared vision of your future, agreement on your goals and timelines, and a perspective on the impact of having your entire financial house in order. Even if you’ve done some planning in the past, our process can give you a fresh perspective and help you make better financial decisions.

What’s Needed to Go Through This?

As we mentioned, the meeting is 45 minutes long, but there is some work to be done beforehand. To make the best use of your time and ours, it’s important to have all your financial documents ready so we can discuss—items like checking and savings accounts, investment and retirement account statements, any debts as well as real estate, and other assets and liabilities you may have.

While we know that much of this information is personal, in order for us to best help you, we must know where you currently are financially, so we can assess your current situation and determine what we need to do to pursue your future financial goals. If you have any questions or concerns about which documents will be most helpful, please let us know beforehand.

We also ask that you bring an open mind about your financial and lifestyle goals. Most financial advisors stick strictly to numbers, but we’re also interested in knowing your hopes, dreams, and even fears, so we can best make a plan that works for you.

What Happens Next?

After going through the meeting and exploring many important topics, we present a completed Financial Road Map for you and your family. Every road map will differ depending on the family we work with, but we’d like to share a completed road map for you to view here.

With the completed road map, you should have more clarity about what’s important to you and how your finances can help you move toward those goals. The next question to consider is, “How will we implement it and make sure it gets done?” While some people are do-it-yourselfers and want to navigate through these decisions on their own, others tend to delegate to experts who have years of experience in this field. If you feel like you’d benefit from the help of a professional you can trust, we’d love to help make your Financial Road Map a reality.

Are You Living Your Financial Life on Purpose?

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future, our Financial Road Map Experience can help. It’s never too late to start living your financial life with purpose. Figure out exactly what you’d like your future to hold, and start working to achieve it. If this sounds like the type of process that would be helpful to you, you can schedule your free Financial Road Map Experience by emailing us at thomas@tm-wealth.comor giving us a call at (703) 537-8351. 

About Thomas

Thomas R. Seneca is Managing Partner at T.M. Wealth Management, a wealth management firm that focuses on independent, boutique, and fiduciary services for clients. After gaining extensive finance and investment experience working as an investment banker on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley, Thomas had a desire to work more closely with clients and positively impact their lives by helping them make better financial decisions. He started his own practice and now works with successful professionals to help them simplify their financial needs and optimize their wealth to pursue their goals. Thomas knows the positive impact that good financial decisions can have on families and individuals, and he strives to help give clients financial confidence so they can spend their time on what matters most to them.

Thomas holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Thomas is an avid golfer, fluent in Spanish, and served as an adjunct finance professor at Virginia International University in the Washington, D.C., area. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and attending church. To learn more about Thomas, connect with him onLinkedIn.